Cooking seafood barbecue

Yesterday I had chance to cook my favourite vietnamese food right on my balcony. I love my vietnamese friends, first time we cooked spring rolls with Tui and yesterday my friend Mira showed me how to cook vietnamese barbecue.

First of all we bought barbecue pot in the market. Also we needed metal net, coals and wood for burning.

When it comes to scallops, which we cooked, the prescription is quite simple. You just gotta wash them all and put on top of that net.

When it boils you put sauce in them. Sauce is also pretty simple: just green onion, cut to small pieces, Ajinomoto (the amplifier of taste), ground fried peanuts and oil.

Taste was great. It’s so delicious.

I really love Vietnam for these kind of moments.

Вьетнамские женщины

Цитирую соседа:

Мужчина во вьетнамское семье часто привези-подай. Все деньги хранятся у женщины. Всеми делами в семье рулит женщина. Владельцы малого бизнеса во Вьетнаме тоже почти все женщины. Всеми гестхаусами, кафе и барами руководят вьетнамские женщины. На рынке торгуют исключительно женщины.

Я тут даже вспомнил, что у меня нет не одного знакомого вьетнамца, зато куча подруг-вьетнамок. Что подтверждает слова соседа.

Mui Ne

Just arrived to Mui Ne with a friend of mine. It’s about 220 km from Nha Trang, where I live in.

Mui Ne is pretty small town, more quiet compare to Nha Trang. There are also a lot of Russians, but mostly they are people with families. Not so rave like mine.

Kite-surfers from all over the world gather here. The beach is full of kites.

It’s also fucking hot in here. 5 degrees hotter than in Nha Trang. We went 300 m today in the afternoon to a cafe and almost died of hot weather, unreally hot.


В Нячанге тут у меня есть 3 круга людей.

Первый это русские, которых тут дохрена. Местные жители, пожалуй, мой любимы тип людей. Наши туристы сложно идут на контакт, очень закрыты.

Иностранные туристы более открыты, без труда можно перекинуться парой фраз, начать разговор. Местные иностранцы второй тип людей в моем рейтинге, но я из них пока знаю совсем немногих. Единственный минус общения с иностранцами тут языковой барьер, нет возможности поговорить “по душам”.

Вьетнамцы, кто говорит на английском тоже хорошие ребята. Есть даже ребята кто знает русский, но их очень мало.


Today I drove to Saigon passing through.

A couple of days ago I bought a ticket from KL to Saigon plus flight from Saigon to Nha Trang where I’m gonna spend next half year. But right before the flight to Saigon, I was informed that my flight to Nha Trang cancelled. I had to change my plans.

According to previous plans I had to fly to Saigon in the morning and fly to Nha Trang at 5 PM.

But since this flight to Nha Trang cancelled this day was like this:

I arrived in Saigon. On hand I had a piece of paper with the invitation to Vietnam, with it I could get a Vietnamese visa on arrival.

The first thing I had to fill out a form and queue up to submit this form. Then waited an hour before I was given my passport with visa. All this time sitting at the airport listening mangled of Vietnamese accent Western names.

Then I withdraw 100 bucks from the ATM and went to the center by motobike taxi. I bought ticket on sleeping bus to Nha Trang in the office, where I bought last year. Then went to sleep in the hostel where I lived last year.

Woke up at 5 PM local time and immediately went on a bender. Here in Saigon there is a special street for foreigners, there is concentrated the whole crowd of the city.

Pay a visit to the places where I was a year ago.

Here’s the cafe where I ate during my last visit

And here’s a bar where I was looking for a friend of mine. I forgot to exchange contacts with him. Thought I’d bump him still there, but it was not meant to be.

Met one vietnamese guy who meet foreigners in this bar in order to drive them on his motorbike and show them the city. He showed me his notebook with references about his service. He is asshole actually.

That’s it. In an hour Ima sit on the bus and go to Nha Trang.