Vietnamese language

So, I’ve started to study vietnamese. One phrase a day. This is actually incredibly hard language to study. It’s completely different to any Indo-European language.

My vocabulary now included only phrases

“You are beautiful”  – Em dep lam

Very beautiful  – Qua dep

Very good – Rat tot

No problem – khon sao

I’m sorry – toi sin loi

How are you? – ben ko hoe hon?

The last phrase was the phrase of the day yesterday and I’ve learned it not completely.

This is my second experience to study foreign language in the country I live. First one was Turkish. Do you remember my post about Turkish language?

There was Turkish in Duolinguo. Turkish was pretty easy for me to study, I could even study few phrases a day and I’ve known numerals because I was studying Kazakh at school.

I hope I will speak simple Vietnamese after a time. First thing is not to give up)