Local language

What phrases you should know in foreign country?

  1. Thank you
  2. Excuse me
  3. Hello (not really necessary)
  4. How much? (only if you know numerals but it’s really useful in this case)
  5. Do you have …?
  6. Where is …?
  7. Sorry

I hope it’s full list.

In case of Turkey this list is

  1. Teshekur ederim
  2. Affedersin
  3. Merhaba
  4. Ne kadar?
  5. Var …?
  6. Nerede …?
  7. Pardon

Say my name

Shop assistants in Starbucks always ask your name again. In 90% of cases. I don’t know why.

I usually say the name which is local and sonorous, without any voiceless sounds.

Last time it was “Ramzan”. Anyway he asked again, asshole.

“-Ramazan???” Write at least something and climb out of my ass, bitch.

I hate telling information about myself to strangers.

The same thing with “country-you-are-from”. Turks are very collant in terms of this. This can be only one question you know but this asshole gotta ask you where you are come from.

I usually just ignore this question but when it’s impossible I answer “Estonia”.

Reply is usually ” Oh…Estonia”. Without further ado.

Turkish cafe

The other day I’ve gone in one Turkish cafe in my city. I wanted to try Ayran chorba.

Ayran is sour dairy product, chorba is soup.

It was delicious.

I like also that they serve with soup fresh greens and lemon. There are jars of pickled vegetables on each table. Couple of jars with pepper of different levels of spicy and one jar with pickled cabbage, cucumbers and some sort of vegetables.

Actually, Turks have always served something to the basic order. If you order beer they serve it with nuts. If you order coffee, they serve sweets to it.

Turkey’s notes


During visit Turkey this time I noticed lots of women with blond hair. They dye them certainly. During my previous visit I didn’t notice it.

Also plenty of Turkish people looks exactly like Europeans, not different at all. This I also didn’t notice before.

In my city on the West coast there are no women in muslim headscarf.


Turks don’t stop for pedestrians at crosswalks.

3.Convex yellow line on the sidewalk

All over Turkey there are yellow convex lines along sidewalk on centre.

First day in Kusadasi. Gym membership.

Kusadasi is a pretty small touristic town on the Turkish west cost, 100 km from Izmir, 570 km from Istanbul.

Town is very pleasant.

The first day I immediately went to buy membership in gym. Landlord of my apartment recommended me a good one which is not far from my house.

There are mandarin trees on the streets. This one is right in front of my gym.

Month gym membership worth $ 28, that is, in my opinion, okay.

The day before I bought some corny wine. This day I did some groceries and prepared my first-rate mulled wine.

This is my apartment. Living room.