Sofia, Bulgaria

En route to Sofia on the train, I caught my death of cold and the next day I was lying up in bed. It was terrible. I was frozen, I had a runny nose, my throat ached, I had a splitting headache. 24 hours I spent in the bed with breaks only for bathroom and drink some hot milk.

The next day I felt better and went to see Sofia.

There are huge pedestrian subways here.

The city has mountains on background.

is basement stores, in order to buy something here you have to squat down to the window.

There are lots of stores which sell fresh juice of different fruits and veggies. Unfortunately they didn’t accept bank cards and I didn’t try it.

Upon arrival to Sofia I changed 10 euro to Bulgarian currency then I just bought 10 dollars. The difference was exactly the amount required to purchase a tram ticket.

I needed some vitamins and I went to closer grocery store to buy some fruits. They have very good German supermarkets Lidl (Bulgaria is in EU).

I bought some oranges, apples and peaches and sat on the bench next to some book fair.

Also Bulgarians have grocery stores with Russian goods,there is whole chain of stores “Beriozka” (gentle form of word “birch”).

There are also lots of buffets, like in Russia. This kind of buffet represents cafe where you take a tray and go around the circle picking up dishes which you want and then go to the cashier to pay.

Sofia is beautiful city. I enjoyed myself here, despite that I lay down the whole day in bed the day before.

Interesting feature of Bulgarian language is the word NA. It is analogue of English word OF. They use it for construction of genitive case. In other Slavic languages I’ve seen there is changing the form of word.

The weather here this day was pretty warm, definitely warmer than in Belgrade.

I definitely wanna come here some time again.

October 21, 2015. Same old, same old.

In the morning I noticed some accident with sewerage next to my house. The weather is sunny but it’s quite cold already.

After gym I went home other road and found a big supermarket. But it was quite expensive and I haven’t found my favourite cottage cheese which now I buy pretty far from my house. The supermarket turned out to be needless.

One more good picture en road from gym.

Elevator. At the store after gym I often buy something to drink en route home. Today was Serbian yoghurt.

After gym and breakfast I had a Skype English class and then I went to caffe to write daily post to my blog.

I went to one caffe I’ve been already. Coffee here costs only 50 euro-cents but last time it was full of smoke here and I’ve gone after finishing my espresso. This time I realised that it’s possible to sit down next to the door and open it slightly. In that case smoke is being felt not so hard.

In the evening after a couple of cans of beer I went to couchserfing meeting. It is in the bar next to my house.

The meeting itself was too cheerless and I decided to leave.

The only one good thing was here. It’s traditional Serbian snacks for free. Organizers of meeting arranged it.  It was awesome.

Then I was walking a little bit.

Came to the store.

And bought my favourite Serbian apples. They cost only 50 cents but they are very good.

October 19, 2015. Coffee and beer

Well, what was on this day… Usual first breakfast, usual gym, usual second breakfast.

Then was a usual coffee house. There was a strong smoky and I left it after finishing my espresso.

Another one was better in terms of smoke. The price for coffee is pretty much the same everywhere. It’s around 1 euro.

This day was rainy.

In the evening I went to some grocery store to buy ingredients for my oatmeal. As usual I showed pictures of goods to store assistant.

And bought some beer for evening. Serbian beer is pretty good.

In the evening at home I was watching “Taken” first and second episode. After couple of bottles of beer I wanted more but I was too lazy to go to the store and didn’t go.

October 9, 2015. New fitness club

In the morning I went to enrol to the fitness. I found on Google map and chose not large fitness club in 10 minutes from my house.

I like fitness. My mood rises whenever I go there. It became my usual morning habit along with coffee, oatmeal and running.

Also I consider that I have lived in the country if I went to fitness in it. Now I can add Serbia to this list.

My Serbian fitness id

My bed in hostel. I was writing a book after fitness. Now I read “Ann Frank’s diary” in English.

Every second store in Belgrade is bakery like this

In the afternoon I went to the market to do some grocery shopping.

I was showing this picture to tradesman behind the counter in order to show her which cheese I want to buy.


Besides cheese I bought apples and pears, tomatos and sweet pepper, a bunch of parsley, grape.

The most popular grocery supermarket in Belgrade is Belgian Delhaize. May be it’s not Belgian but I saw it there. Here it’s name is SHOP&GO. They all are pretty small here. Little bit bigger then “7eleven” in Thailand.

In the evening I went to the bar next to my house. I was drinking homemade wine and White Russian. All beverages that I drink in the bar you can see in my Instagram.

They still smoke in bars here.

Also there was a football game on the screen, between Montenegro and Austria. Euro 2016 qualification. Montenegro played 2:1 when I’ve gone. But the game was not over.