Пешеходная улица. Все девушки тут ходят в платках, в длинных юбках.

Проспект Путина. Таксисты, кстати, тут совсем не ориентируются по адресам т.к. все улицы тут переименовывались уже несколько раз.

Обед. Жижиг Галнаш (чеченский хинкал) похож на аварский хинкал.

Рынок Беркат. Тут, кстати, я смог продать азербайджанские манаты за 32 рубля, в гугле курс где-то 38.


Одно из немногих живых мест города.

Кофе кары на каждом углу. Как в Киеве 4 года назад.

Сетка реально помогает. Гляньте сколько всего.

Мой хостел на 4 этаже в торговом центре в центре.

Мечеть “Сердце Чечни”

Дворик частной элитной гимназии. На ней так и написано “частная элитная гимназия”.

Парк развлечений.

Большой надувной кавказец на главной площади.


В Грозном очень много табличек со всякими суровыми надписями, как вот тут на фотке.

На входе могут написать “заходи сюда”, на мойке самообслуживания “мой сам”. У меня в хостеле были на а4 распечатанные листы с указанием, что если придешь пьяный то мы тебя выселим и деньги не вернем. А будешь прирекаться с персоналом, вызовем полицию.

В городе, кстати, никто не пьет и даже не курит.

Всё. Еду во Владикавказ.

Dalat, first feelings

Yesterday we arrived in Da Lat. We were 5 people, my friend’s family and my Chinese surfer, the girl 23 years old.

Dalat is 200,000 people city 250 km from mine. This is the city of entire spring. Temperature here is around 22 degrees round the year. People don’t use air conditioners, fans and heating system here, very comfortable weather. There is mountains here. Dalat is less crowded then Nha Trang. Architecture is similar to European, during the colonial period the city was for french resorts.

A friend of mine have hostel on Phuket and now he is thinking about opening one more hostel here in Dalat. One good advantage of Dalat is that less expenses for electricity when it comes to hotels and hostels.

Yesterday we checked in to the hotel with room with twin beds, one for that family and one for me with Chinese girl, we were hosted her here as well like in Nha Trang.

I always like to meet new local people when I come to new place and in the afternoon yesterday I found in Tinder one girl, we met up last night and she showed me around. We had dinner, went to the market where I bought very cheap strawberry and went to the bar where we drunk beer and listened good music, there was even concert of life music there.

She works as a dancer of traditional dances here in a park. We’d like to see her today.

My plans are going for a walk to that park today and for city tour tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m gonna come back home. I’ve got couchsurfers tomorrow and CS event which I organised tomorrow night.

Hamza from Saigon

The other day a guy from Saigon visited my place by couchsurfing. He was originally from Pushtu region of Pakistan but from now on he lives in Saigon here. He got a teaching English job there and enjoying his life in tropical country.

He was actually one of the most fascinating personalities I’ve ever met in my life. And I spent belly good time with him.

He was my ages, he lives in the same country and we got lots of common interests.

First day, yesterday, we enjoying night life in Nha Trang. Drinking beer, visiting my favourite hostel’s party on the rooftop there, smoking shisha, drinking againg and ending up in “Why not” and “Sailing” clubs here.

Today we had some cultural program. We visited Stone Garden and Po Nagar. After that we went to the North Market to take a look. This is a picture from there, Hamza was bargaining long time in order to knock off the price for this tee to 40 dongs.

Have a good trip, mate. See you in Saigon or welcome to Nha Trang once again!

October 9, 2015. New fitness club

In the morning I went to enrol to the fitness. I found on Google map and chose not large fitness club in 10 minutes from my house.

I like fitness. My mood rises whenever I go there. It became my usual morning habit along with coffee, oatmeal and running.

Also I consider that I have lived in the country if I went to fitness in it. Now I can add Serbia to this list.

My Serbian fitness id

My bed in hostel. I was writing a book after fitness. Now I read “Ann Frank’s diary” in English.

Every second store in Belgrade is bakery like this

In the afternoon I went to the market to do some grocery shopping.

I was showing this picture to tradesman behind the counter in order to show her which cheese I want to buy.


Besides cheese I bought apples and pears, tomatos and sweet pepper, a bunch of parsley, grape.

The most popular grocery supermarket in Belgrade is Belgian Delhaize. May be it’s not Belgian but I saw it there. Here it’s name is SHOP&GO. They all are pretty small here. Little bit bigger then “7eleven” in Thailand.

In the evening I went to the bar next to my house. I was drinking homemade wine and White Russian. All beverages that I drink in the bar you can see in my Instagram.

They still smoke in bars here.

Also there was a football game on the screen, between Montenegro and Austria. Euro 2016 qualification. Montenegro played 2:1 when I’ve gone. But the game was not over.