Ticket to Istanbul

On December, 10 ima go to Malaysia. My flight there is from Istanbul. Yesterday I checked tickets there. I had to hit the bus station to find out  a timetable of buses to a nearest airport.

En route there I took couple of pictures.

Nearest airport is next to Izmir. About 80 km from here. I found out that there are busses there even in early morning and bought ticket for 21$ from Izmir to Istanbul. Ticket from my place to Izmir costs about 6.5$.

Recent events

Hi there. I had some rains here recently. I was just in the gym when a strong rain began.

A strong stream of water pours from the hills to the sea

Got a bit colder.

And also I had a couchsurfing guest. It was a Polish guy who studies in Ukraine. He brought a bottle of delicious Ukrainian horilka.

Night walks through the city

Lets take a look for night small tourist city off season. Lots of stores closed.

Probably the most beautiful picture of this collection. There is a beautiful installation of glass figurines over a pedestrian street.

Small corner store on non-tourist street.