October 16, 2015. Typical Friday of a lonely man.

My typical breakfast before gym. It’s cottage cheese with bananas. And I cook coffee without water, only with milk. I like this way more.

Usually I have two breakfasts, first is before gym and second is after.

En route home I noticed interesting dumpsters, I’ve seen such dumpsters before.

They are tied with underground chamber and and all the trash accumulates in this pit. And outside are only small rubbish bins like these.

In the afternoon was espresso in cafe again.


In the evening was bar again.

This day it was mulled wine, Aperol spritz and tequila sunrise. Check out my Instagram.

Belgrade is charming in the night time.

October 15, 2015. New running t-shirt and plans for winter.

Black-letter days are going on.

As a usual after gym and breakfast I went to some cafe to drink espresso, check emails and write new post. Different cafe every day. This day the cafe was pretty well, but internet there was sucks and I left it after finishing espresso.

Then I had plans finally find running t-shirt in this city. Two previous days I couldn’t. First day when I tried the girl from reception sent me to the store without running t-shirts though it was a big one. Next day she told me check one street but I didn’t find any sport store there. Third day I just asked her show me big shopping mall and I went there.

Two times I used buses in Belgrade. First time was that time when I went to sport store without running t-shirts. I didn’t pay the fare cause I din’t know how it works. This time en route to the mall I wanted to buy a ticket from the driver but he didn’t have change from my 1000 bill and I went for free. En route back I also didn’t have a chance to pay cause it was crowded and it was impossible to catch the driver.

Finally I found running t-shirt in this shopping mall. It costed $28. There were reebok, adidas and nike. The cheapest one I found in Reebok. Now my sport costume consist from all main sport brands: adidas sneakers, nike’s shorts and reebok t-shirt.

For dinner I cooked buckwheat with cauliflower salad.

During the dinner I decided about plans for winter. It’s gonna be South-East Asia again. After Serbia I’m going to Bulgaria for couple of days, then to Istanbul for couple of weeks and from there I’m gonna have a flight to KL, Malaysia.

After that tentative plans now is like that: going to Penang, Malaysia and spend there a month, make a Thai visa there for three month and go to Thailand for Jan-March. After that visit Laos and Vietnam. After that probably China and Hong-Kong. Closer to summer plan to visit Central Asia cause I’ve never been there despite that I was born in that region.

In the evening was my usual stroll to bars.

This day I was lucky. I found two good places.

In the first one I was drinking 1 euro mulled wine. I’ve consumed 3 glasses. It was awesome. Definitely wanna come back again.

Also I noticed in the bars children trying to sell flowers. Something similar I’ve seen in Cambodia. That was funny case. The kid was selling books from the hands. When I said that I don’t need he took out a bag of weed and offered me to buy. Yeah, that’s Cambodia.

In the next bar guy prepared White Russian with “De Kuyper” coffee liquor.

Cocktail was pretty good, price was around 2 euro.

Bar was good, I wanna come here again.

October 12, 2015. Football and redesign of my blog.

In the morning, after gym and breakfast, as usual I went to coffee house for cup of espresso. This place is called “Zaz”, coffee here is cheap, only 50 euro-cents, but they don’t have ventilation and there is too much smoke there. I began to get a headache and left this place after half of hour. Generally I sit longer: check messages, write a past in blog, study English.

The place is pretty small and cosy. If there was not smoke I would stay longer.

In the evening there was a football game between Russia and Montenegro. Our guys won and got to the championship of Europe.

I went to celebrate the victory of our team in bar.

I had a glass of whine in a bar next to my hostel.

The place is called “Srbsky bar”. Prices here are quite cheap, beer is less then 1 euro, wine is 1.2 euro.

There was a game between Ukraine and Spain. Ukraine lost 0-1.

And also I checked another bar in my neighbourhood, they also don’t have any cocktails and I’ve drunk wine again.

Bar’s decor is pretty interesting, there was a shelf of cameras over the bar desk.

It’s called  “Klub Prozor”.

And also I shaved today.

In the evening after bar I changed design of my blog and translate all of the tags to English. Also I added comments to posts. So don’t hesitate to comment.

October 8, 2015. Changed hostel in Belgrade.

I didn’t like my first hostel in Belgrade because of some reasons. They (hostel’s landlords, which lived there apparently, as I seemed) didn’t give me towel and they boldly smoked right in the lobby though there was a “No smoking” signboard.

So, on the next day, right after jogging and breakfast I went to another hostel

I loved that new from the first sight. There is a good receptionist girl working here. Atmosphere is good. I met one girl from Hong Kong who was the second girl from that region I’ve met the other day. There was another one on the CS meeting yesterday. There are only two types of Asian people who speak English almost fluently: Hongkongers and Singaporeans. And It’s pleasant to chat with them sometimes. All of Universities they have only in English. In Singapore they even speak English to each other.

View from the balcony in my new hostel.

By the way, I paid for one week in advance. The price is 650 dinar (a little bit more then 5 euro per day) but they have a discount if you pay for a week. Seventh day is for free.

Then I charge my laptop and went to have a lunch. There is a cafe with takeaway food next to the hostel. I’ve eaten some cream soup and salad.

Then I was working in coffee house a little bit. Traditionally with a cup of espresso. The price was one euro in a good place.

Last day in Budapest

On the last my day in Budapest I was hanging around the house and was resting. In the afternoon I even took a nap. After waking up I went for a walk. I felt a sore throat.

I went to some bar in the center to drink coffee. All of bars in this city are awesome.

There are exercise bikes next to bus stop. Coca-cola advertising.

This is very crappy photo for that but there are lots of rooks flying around Hungarian parliament. Stunner.

Night Danube

There are holders for leaflets in the Metro.

And finally this is my sleeping place for tonight. I’m going to Serbia by train.

Good bye, Budapest.