Интернет в кофейнях

А тем временем в России ввели “интернет по паспортам”.

Насколько я понял, сейчас, чтобы залогиниться где нибудь в общественном месте нужно вводить свои паспортные данные.

Друг пишет, что во многих местах вайфай просто отключили, в страхе штрафов. Переход на новую систему требует некоторых затрат. Друг думает, что к концу января все встанет на свои рельсы.

Из Вьетнама, с любовью.

Turkish cafe

The other day I’ve gone in one Turkish cafe in my city. I wanted to try Ayran chorba.

Ayran is sour dairy product, chorba is soup.

It was delicious.

I like also that they serve with soup fresh greens and lemon. There are jars of pickled vegetables on each table. Couple of jars with pepper of different levels of spicy and one jar with pickled cabbage, cucumbers and some sort of vegetables.

Actually, Turks have always served something to the basic order. If you order beer they serve it with nuts. If you order coffee, they serve sweets to it.

October 25, 2015. One more usual day.

In the afternoon after English class I wanted to sit in the cafe next to my home. I have been here before but this day was Sunday and cafe was closed. I went to another cafe which I’ve also been before.

After cafe I went home, had a glass of mulled wine and spent a shift at work.

In the evening I went to quite small stroll to the centre, en route home walked in to the bar, had a cocktail “Singapore Sling” with gin inside.

October 24, 2015. Usual day.

One more usual day. I’ve prepared mulled wine again, as my previous pan of mulled wine was spent very quickly.

I found one not bad place for seating on the internet. Tennis, Luxembourg open was being shown.

Here is also box with different cosmetic stuff in the bathroom.

In the evening I’ve done my grocery shopping, went home and watching different TV series.

Shit, I almost have nothing to write about.

October 22, 2015. One more black letter day.

Today my schedule was kinda not usual cause I went to the cafe to sit on the internet in the morning because in my hostel internet was working pretty shitty and I had a briefing in my company, I had a Skype conference.

After the gym and breakfast I as usual went to cafe.

This picture was taken on my way. This is a one of the markets of Belgrade.


I am

In the evening I as usual went to the bar, I had couple of glasses of mulled wine.