Belgrade – Sofia

Before departure from Belgrade I spent my remaining Dinars to by beer and peanuts for the road. I came to the station an hour before train departure and I didn’t know what to do. They don’t have a waiting room there, all of the benches are located throughout the station. The station is quite open disposition and there was quite cold there. I decided to take a walk, went to the grocery store for fruit. In addition to apples I found some exotic fruits called “Mushmula”, it turned out to be tasteless, it tastes like dry persimmon.

The trip to Sofia was hard. I bought a ticket in common car for 20 euro but it turned out to be very uncomfortable. There were a lot of people, they were constantly going somewhere, coming and then moving again. The light was on all night and I was not able to sleep.

Customs were easy. On the Serbian side the guy just collected the passports of all passengers and brought in 20 minutes with stamp. The same thing on the Bulgarian side. No question, no additional documents, no luggage inspection. Easy. That was a good thing.

The other guy five times checked tickets. I don’t know why. Every 1.5 hours ticket control.

In the end I was sleeping perhaps 30 minutes and was woken by the train stuff. They told me that we were in Sofia already.

Ok. I got off the train and went to the tram to get to my hostel. I thought that Bulgarians use euro already, but it turned out to be false. They use they own currency – Lev (like in Moldova). 1 lev is 0.5 euro. Quite easy to count.

I changed 10 euro and got on my train.

Here is my first picture of Sofia.

Finally it turned out that I chose wrong tram direction and went 7 stops (as per my hostel booking direction) to wrong way somewhere to the Sofia’s outskirts.

Got off and changed tram, went another 14 stops to the center. By the way, I didn’t pay for the tram. I thought that I could buy a ticket right on the tram but it turned out that I should have bought a ticket on the stall next to the tram stop. Fortunately there were not any inspection and I was going well.

There is a picture right in front of my hostel.

The hostel is very cold. They don’t use heating but there is about only +5 degrees on the street. Madd bricks.

The rest of the day I took a nap and went to the grocery store. In the evening I was sitting on the internet and working in such cold conditions.

October 28, 2015. Protein shake and postcard.

That day has been remembered the fact that I got free a protein shake in the gym in the morning. It was some promotion of my gym. Pretty well, by the way, I think I should buy some protein for myself.

Also I have come to the post office and sent a postcard to my friend in Russia. I have done it the first time. I’ve never sent any postcards before.

In the evening, as usual, I had a stroll. I’ve seen some shooting.

And also I shaved on this day.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing special.

October 26, 2015. Spritzer and ticket to Sofia.

In the morning I bought club soda and 1 litter bottle of white wine to cook “Spritzer”. It’s very tasty and cost even less then 3 euro for everything. I enjoyed myself.

In the afternoon I went to central station to buy a ticket to Sofia, Bulgaria on November, 6.

This is the one of the most famous sights of Belgrade. Broken building of Ministry Of Defence.

After buying a ticket I had a lunch and sat in cafe then.

In the evening I finished that bottle of wine with club soda. I was pretty drunk and went for a walk.

Serbian parliament on the background.

I encounter with my surname very often here by reason of that one close to Belgrade town is called Pancevo.

Also I love this flat on the first floor. I notice that it is very cozy every time I go by. That’s probably the place where I would like to live.

October 25, 2015. One more usual day.

In the afternoon after English class I wanted to sit in the cafe next to my home. I have been here before but this day was Sunday and cafe was closed. I went to another cafe which I’ve also been before.

After cafe I went home, had a glass of mulled wine and spent a shift at work.

In the evening I went to quite small stroll to the centre, en route home walked in to the bar, had a cocktail “Singapore Sling” with gin inside.