Turkey’s notes


During visit Turkey this time I noticed lots of women with blond hair. They dye them certainly. During my previous visit I didn’t notice it.

Also plenty of Turkish people looks exactly like Europeans, not different at all. This I also didn’t notice before.

In my city on the West coast there are no women in muslim headscarf.


Turks don’t stop for pedestrians at crosswalks.

3.Convex yellow line on the sidewalk

All over Turkey there are yellow convex lines along sidewalk on centre.

October 26, 2015. Spritzer and ticket to Sofia.

In the morning I bought club soda and 1 litter bottle of white wine to cook “Spritzer”. It’s very tasty and cost even less then 3 euro for everything. I enjoyed myself.

In the afternoon I went to central station to buy a ticket to Sofia, Bulgaria on November, 6.

This is the one of the most famous sights of Belgrade. Broken building of Ministry Of Defence.

After buying a ticket I had a lunch and sat in cafe then.

In the evening I finished that bottle of wine with club soda. I was pretty drunk and went for a walk.

Serbian parliament on the background.

I encounter with my surname very often here by reason of that one close to Belgrade town is called Pancevo.

Also I love this flat on the first floor. I notice that it is very cozy every time I go by. That’s probably the place where I would like to live.

October 18, 2015. Workday Sunday.

In the morning I’ve seen like somebody unloaded car of firewood next to my house. Do they really fire the wood…

I was working almost all day. In my company we have two managers who work with customers. Each of them has one day off. This day we have to replace them in their shifts. That’s why I usually work on weekend.

In the evening was usual bar-tour.

Two cocktails were on today’s evening bar programme. Check my Instagram out.


Then I rambled a bit through the city and returned home.

October 16, 2015. Typical Friday of a lonely man.

My typical breakfast before gym. It’s cottage cheese with bananas. And I cook coffee without water, only with milk. I like this way more.

Usually I have two breakfasts, first is before gym and second is after.

En route home I noticed interesting dumpsters, I’ve seen such dumpsters before.

They are tied with underground chamber and and all the trash accumulates in this pit. And outside are only small rubbish bins like these.

In the afternoon was espresso in cafe again.


In the evening was bar again.

This day it was mulled wine, Aperol spritz and tequila sunrise. Check out my Instagram.

Belgrade is charming in the night time.