First day of the year

I woke up at around 10 am and went to my girlfriends place for breakfast/lunch. After I went to my favourite hostel and met there great girl from Maya, from Israel. Invited her to my party tonight.

Then I had an appointment with my friend Mira and her sister. We were walking taking some pictures like this

And this. This is Thuy. She is beautiful and looks pretty similar to Mira. Unfortunately Thuy doesn’t speak English.

This night I had party on my rooftop. We cooked bbq. My couchsurfers were vegetarian. They cooked vegetables.

And we cooked frogs and chicken.

There are Maya next to me, then Ruta and Rigile, Will and Mary-Jane with Thea.

Great day, great start of the year)

First day in Belgrade

Hostel turned out nothing special. They had a discount on and I decided to book a bed in dorm for one night just in order to see what’s going on there and may be to stay longer after that.

When I came receptionist has slept yet. I woke him up and he said me wifi password, I hung around the lobby sitting on the internet.

Then I made my everyday an hour jogging and got back to the hostel.

When they’ve said that this price 5 euro doesn’t include free towel and using a kitchen I changed my mind to stay here. I booked another hostel through hostelworld and today I’ll see how it is there.

This day I’ve also visited Kalenic market in Belgrade. It’s possible to find 15 cents apples, 60 cents peaches and pears here. Amazing. I definitely want to come here back. I forgot about national Serbian cheese Brinza, without fail I’ll buy it later cause I like this type of cheese.

Serbians use their own currency which is 120 dinars for 1 euro. But the prices for real estate are in euro. It was in Kazakhstan and Russia in 90s when we used our currencies only for cheap purchasing and for something expensive prices were in US dollars.

Also they have two types of alphabet: latin and cyrillic. Both are official as you can see on this signboard with the name of the street.

In the evening I went to weekly couchserfing meeting

There were about 20 people. It was pretty good, we talked about history a lot.

I was drinking Serbian vodka with different flavours. And the olives are as a chaser. Frankly, Serbian Rakia as much as Hungarian Palinka are awful drinks. I drunk Hungarian stuff cause it was for free, everybody likes free rides. And yesterday I just wanted to try Serbian stuff and compare it to Hungarian and I ordered even 3 shots. It turned out that this stuff is awful as well.

But actually I liked event and Belgrade. Will see what happens next.

Budapest, 7th day, Russians

In the afternoon we went to Jewish walking tour

Then we met couple of Russian girls at coffeeshop.

After that we went to appointment with friends. While we were waiting for them we met one Russian man who asked us about a road to Keleti train station. We helped him to catch a taxi, taxi driver as well spoke Russian.

On the way to the party we found Russian grocery store, shop assistant spoke Russian.

I bought cookies and Russian sour milk. Milk produced in Germany, very tasty. The guys are trying to make quality.

Then was a party representing itself “pub quiz”. We were answering the questions and competing to other teams. More the half of our team were Russians.


I met a guy from Kazakhstan during the break between rounds. Of course he also spoke Russian.

We played in the basement floor. Upstairs there was a Hungarian game.

Our team

Then there was a party at another place. I drunk a couple of “White Russians” for half price. It was an action in the bar.

Budapest, 4th and 5th days

The fourth day was memorable by a boat trip

It is possible to buy only one ticket for any kind of transport here. Including boat. My student ticket for month cost $11, I have ISIC student card.

Also I noticed a strange signboard with pregnant woman in underground.

In the evening we were at the party again. But I didn’t drink because of awful hangover from yesterday.

On the fifth day morning we went to the adventure game. We were looking for a place on map. There were hidden boxes with different trinkets. You can put something inside and take something instead.

Our team

Something was found

Lunch break

Pleasant outlook over city

Tired at the end

Then we invited a friend of Jeff to us. We wanted to cook chicken soup but didn’t have time and cooked scratch supper.

Then was a party at hostel again. We was drinking a lot of Hungarian vodka.

Drunk at the subway

First time I’ve been at karaoke.

Then there was a party somewhere else

Then we met some Ukrainian guy on the way home

Budapest, 3rd day

In the first half of the day I bought a ticket to Belgrade at the train station. Night sleeping place costs 25$.

Then we decided to walk

We went to the central market.

We wanted to go to a lecture at the Uni, where Jeff was studying. But that lecture was canceled. We came to buffet.

Then was Octoberfest in our plans. We got only 0.4 beer and two these sausages per 11$ ticket. But our friends had plenty of beer coupons. It was pretty fun.

Nice girl from Estonia.

Then was a party in the hostel of Jeff’s friends.

Then we went to another hostel

We were drinking “Palinka”, Hungarian wodka

Then Jeff was bugging passers-by on our way home. I was already very drunk. I perceive alcohol not so good, especially if I mix different types.

Couple of strangers. Also drunk. And in general Budapest is party city.

There are entire neighbourhoods of clubs and bars

In the bus we even almost had a fight with some stranger who was dissatisfied with our behaviour.

It was fun. But we were drinking too much.