October 21, 2015. Same old, same old.

In the morning I noticed some accident with sewerage next to my house. The weather is sunny but it’s quite cold already.

After gym I went home other road and found a big supermarket. But it was quite expensive and I haven’t found my favourite cottage cheese which now I buy pretty far from my house. The supermarket turned out to be needless.

One more good picture en road from gym.

Elevator. At the store after gym I often buy something to drink en route home. Today was Serbian yoghurt.

After gym and breakfast I had a Skype English class and then I went to caffe to write daily post to my blog.

I went to one caffe I’ve been already. Coffee here costs only 50 euro-cents but last time it was full of smoke here and I’ve gone after finishing my espresso. This time I realised that it’s possible to sit down next to the door and open it slightly. In that case smoke is being felt not so hard.

In the evening after a couple of cans of beer I went to couchserfing meeting. It is in the bar next to my house.

The meeting itself was too cheerless and I decided to leave.

The only one good thing was here. It’s traditional Serbian snacks for free. Organizers of meeting arranged it.  It was awesome.

Then I was walking a little bit.

Came to the store.

And bought my favourite Serbian apples. They cost only 50 cents but they are very good.

October 20, 2015. Good coffee house, beer and walk to the center.

This day weather wasn’t so bad. There was no rain but it’s already getting cold here now.

Finally I come to this coffee house. I was here a couple of days ago but it was crowded, full of people. This time it was almost empty. Coffee there costs 150 (usual price is 110) but this place is better then others.

There were jars with different cosmetics stuff in the bathroom, right over the toilet. It’s possible to take something for free. There were some napkins, deodorant and something else.

Belgrade is very beautiful. I’m continuing  to take pictures of the places I’ve liked. All of the pictures I put here in my blog.

There was beer with peanuts in the evening. Beer is not bad. Actually I’m not a big fan of beer, but sometimes I want to get a bun on it.

After beer I had a night stroll.

Came to one of my favourite bars, had a glass of mulled wine. It’s tasty here.

I’ve even reached the Republic square.

October 18, 2015. Workday Sunday.

In the morning I’ve seen like somebody unloaded car of firewood next to my house. Do they really fire the wood…

I was working almost all day. In my company we have two managers who work with customers. Each of them has one day off. This day we have to replace them in their shifts. That’s why I usually work on weekend.

In the evening was usual bar-tour.

Two cocktails were on today’s evening bar programme. Check my Instagram out.


Then I rambled a bit through the city and returned home.

October 17, 2015. An ill-fated walking tour.

The usual Saturday.

En route from the gym. The weather was very nice in the morning.

Picture from the elevator. I even wore the sunglasses because of sun.

In the afternoon I went to walking tour. It’s supposed to be in one interesting area with Austrian architecture. When I left house it was sunny but after 10 minutes the weather changed and started raining. I met excursion group, we was waiting for a while but the rain wasn’t over. Despite that I had umbrella I have only one shoes beside Crocs and those are running sneakers. And they were soaked through after a while. I decided to leave the tour and went home.

In the evening the usual bar tour was.

This day I went to one “Bar street” here. But it turned out that this street are mostly for restaurants. There are not so many bars here.

This day I was drinking not so much.

One B-52 in one place.

And one mulled wine in another. I stopped by the place I’ve been before and liked it.

October 16, 2015. Typical Friday of a lonely man.

My typical breakfast before gym. It’s cottage cheese with bananas. And I cook coffee without water, only with milk. I like this way more.

Usually I have two breakfasts, first is before gym and second is after.

En route home I noticed interesting dumpsters, I’ve seen such dumpsters before.

They are tied with underground chamber and and all the trash accumulates in this pit. And outside are only small rubbish bins like these.

In the afternoon was espresso in cafe again.


In the evening was bar again.

This day it was mulled wine, Aperol spritz and tequila sunrise. Check out my Instagram.

Belgrade is charming in the night time.