Что поменялось в Петербурге за 3 года. Мои ощущения

Не был тут с 2015-го. В этом году заехал на свадьбу к подруге.

  1. Открыли парк “Новая Голландия” – крутое хипстерское место. Много интересных кафешек, стритфуда, магазинов одежды и книг, кофеен.
  2. “Этажи” где я часто тусил 3 года назад разросся, наверное, раза в два. Вглубь появилось куча контейнеров-магазинов, открылась крыша.
  3. На Невском зазывалы стали раздавать визитки стрип-клубов, подробно рассказывая что там тебя ждет. Бум-бум, ням-ням, все дела)
  4. На каждом углу открылся бар, их и 3 года назад было очень много, но теперь их просто невероятное количество. Наберется, наверное, штук 5 разных улиц где вообще каждое заведение – бар.
  5. Рубинштейна в пятницу – это нечто, все пьют и веселятся, невероятно.
  6. В любой сувенирной лавке продают футболки с молодым Шнуром и надписью “В Питере – пить”.
  7. В Петербурге подороже, чем в Новосибирске, где я прожил последние уже почти 2 года. Услуги, бары, кафе – процентов так на 30.
  8. В загсе после церемонии звучит не гимн России, а гимн города.

Dalat, first feelings

Yesterday we arrived in Da Lat. We were 5 people, my friend’s family and my Chinese surfer, the girl 23 years old.

Dalat is 200,000 people city 250 km from mine. This is the city of entire spring. Temperature here is around 22 degrees round the year. People don’t use air conditioners, fans and heating system here, very comfortable weather. There is mountains here. Dalat is less crowded then Nha Trang. Architecture is similar to European, during the colonial period the city was for french resorts.

A friend of mine have hostel on Phuket and now he is thinking about opening one more hostel here in Dalat. One good advantage of Dalat is that less expenses for electricity when it comes to hotels and hostels.

Yesterday we checked in to the hotel with room with twin beds, one for that family and one for me with Chinese girl, we were hosted her here as well like in Nha Trang.

I always like to meet new local people when I come to new place and in the afternoon yesterday I found in Tinder one girl, we met up last night and she showed me around. We had dinner, went to the market where I bought very cheap strawberry and went to the bar where we drunk beer and listened good music, there was even concert of life music there.

She works as a dancer of traditional dances here in a park. We’d like to see her today.

My plans are going for a walk to that park today and for city tour tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m gonna come back home. I’ve got couchsurfers tomorrow and CS event which I organised tomorrow night.


I used to smoke for 5 years approximately. Started in university’s dorm and kept smoking for a long time after. I quit smoking 2 years ago after a lot of attempts.

Now I even don’t wanna smoke cigarets. This bad habit disappeared.

But I’m a big fan of hookah. Smoke it almost every day.

There is one place next to my house where you can find pretty cheap, good hookah for 6 usd.

If you are in Nha Trang check out “After beach” bar. Hookah there is really great.

October 25, 2015. One more usual day.

In the afternoon after English class I wanted to sit in the cafe next to my home. I have been here before but this day was Sunday and cafe was closed. I went to another cafe which I’ve also been before.

After cafe I went home, had a glass of mulled wine and spent a shift at work.

In the evening I went to quite small stroll to the centre, en route home walked in to the bar, had a cocktail “Singapore Sling” with gin inside.

October 22, 2015. One more black letter day.

Today my schedule was kinda not usual cause I went to the cafe to sit on the internet in the morning because in my hostel internet was working pretty shitty and I had a briefing in my company, I had a Skype conference.

After the gym and breakfast I as usual went to cafe.

This picture was taken on my way. This is a one of the markets of Belgrade.


I am

In the evening I as usual went to the bar, I had couple of glasses of mulled wine.