Today I drove to Saigon passing through.

A couple of days ago I bought a ticket from KL to Saigon plus flight from Saigon to Nha Trang where I’m gonna spend next half year. But right before the flight to Saigon, I was informed that my flight to Nha Trang cancelled. I had to change my plans.

According to previous plans I had to fly to Saigon in the morning and fly to Nha Trang at 5 PM.

But since this flight to Nha Trang cancelled this day was like this:

I arrived in Saigon. On hand I had a piece of paper with the invitation to Vietnam, with it I could get a Vietnamese visa on arrival.

The first thing I had to fill out a form and queue up to submit this form. Then waited an hour before I was given my passport with visa. All this time sitting at the airport listening mangled of Vietnamese accent Western names.

Then I withdraw 100 bucks from the ATM and went to the center by motobike taxi. I bought ticket on sleeping bus to Nha Trang in the office, where I bought last year. Then went to sleep in the hostel where I lived last year.

Woke up at 5 PM local time and immediately went on a bender. Here in Saigon there is a special street for foreigners, there is concentrated the whole crowd of the city.

Pay a visit to the places where I was a year ago.

Here’s the cafe where I ate during my last visit

And here’s a bar where I was looking for a friend of mine. I forgot to exchange contacts with him. Thought I’d bump him still there, but it was not meant to be.

Met one vietnamese guy who meet foreigners in this bar in order to drive them on his motorbike and show them the city. He showed me his notebook with references about his service. He is asshole actually.

That’s it. In an hour Ima sit on the bus and go to Nha Trang.

Road from Bulgaria to Turkey

I bought a ticket from Sofia to Istanbul on website Busradar. I always used this site when I was travelling through the Europe. The price was $27.5. It’s much cheaper than plane, plane ticket costs around $100.

Well, I received email with my ticket, there were booking confirmation, number, amount and other crock. But when I came to the station bus driver sent me to the office of company. It was “HAS Turizm”, by the way, Turkish company. In the office the guy said that they do not sell tickets via the Internet. On the question, ” what do I do now?” the answer was “I don’t know”. Then there were guys who speak English, I showed them my email, they wrote it and said the guy that I definitely bought this damn ticket. Then the guy called to supervisor and finally they print me my ticket. I was a bit nervous.

I love Turkish buses. There are always handing out snacks and beverages.

Customs were also very easy. Just stump on the Bulgarian side and other stamp on the Turkish side. There was X-ray luggage inspection in Turkey, pretty fast.

I arrived to Istanbul at around 5am. Istanbul’s Otogar (bus station) is the most futuristic sight I’ve ever seen. I’ve been here last year already. There are huge (probably biggest bust station in the world) building. First you go through the floors to the top of the building. The floors are chocked up with old vehicles, quite dirty. It looks like in science fiction movies. This place is definitely worth to see.

I had to go to Kusadasy, it is 570km from Istanbul. First I checked offers of different bus companies. Most of them didn’t supply tickets to Kusadasy because it’s pretty small city. Big companies’ offers were 85 from Metro and 100 from Kamil Koc. Then I found small company with price 80 and bought the ticket. By the way, these numbers are in Turkish currency. 3 Turkish lira is 1 dollar.

My bus was at 9am and I had full 3 hours. I went to the office of some company where there were seats. I was reading “The diary of young girl” of Anne Frank. Around 8.30 the guy from that company said that I can’t sit there without a ticket and I went to my bus.

On the road my bus’s driven on the ferry and went about 30 minutes on it. First time I’ve seen something like this.

My ticket was still not in Kusadasi. They brought me in Izmir and gave me a ticket for another bus, it was even of another company. Actually if I did it by myself I would probably save some money.

En road I’ve finished the book. And it was the first English book I’ve read. My English now is good enough to read and watch movies and I like that. Talk is still very difficult.

Izmir bus station.

After about 1.5 hours I was in Kusadasi.

Upon arrival I took a cab and went to address which the guy from airbnb showed me. The taxi guy gave me his phone to call to the guy. But it turned out that the guy changed address, I gave the phone to taxi guy and he explained him how to get there.

On the taxi I spent 26 liras, that was quite a lot.

Then the guy told me that he changed address because I told him that I need good internet connection and on previous address internet was sucks.

In the evening I settled down and went to the store to buy some fruits, coffee and milk. Also I bought a bottle of wine and cheese but wine turned out to be sucks.

Kusadasi now is heaven place. The weather is perfect: it’s not cold but not hot like in Asia last year. It’s possible to wear shirts now. Tangerines hang on the trees.

City is beautiful, apartment is good.

October 15, 2015. New running t-shirt and plans for winter.

Black-letter days are going on.

As a usual after gym and breakfast I went to some cafe to drink espresso, check emails and write new post. Different cafe every day. This day the cafe was pretty well, but internet there was sucks and I left it after finishing espresso.

Then I had plans finally find running t-shirt in this city. Two previous days I couldn’t. First day when I tried the girl from reception sent me to the store without running t-shirts though it was a big one. Next day she told me check one street but I didn’t find any sport store there. Third day I just asked her show me big shopping mall and I went there.

Two times I used buses in Belgrade. First time was that time when I went to sport store without running t-shirts. I didn’t pay the fare cause I din’t know how it works. This time en route to the mall I wanted to buy a ticket from the driver but he didn’t have change from my 1000 bill and I went for free. En route back I also didn’t have a chance to pay cause it was crowded and it was impossible to catch the driver.

Finally I found running t-shirt in this shopping mall. It costed $28. There were reebok, adidas and nike. The cheapest one I found in Reebok. Now my sport costume consist from all main sport brands: adidas sneakers, nike’s shorts and reebok t-shirt.

For dinner I cooked buckwheat with cauliflower salad.

During the dinner I decided about plans for winter. It’s gonna be South-East Asia again. After Serbia I’m going to Bulgaria for couple of days, then to Istanbul for couple of weeks and from there I’m gonna have a flight to KL, Malaysia.

After that tentative plans now is like that: going to Penang, Malaysia and spend there a month, make a Thai visa there for three month and go to Thailand for Jan-March. After that visit Laos and Vietnam. After that probably China and Hong-Kong. Closer to summer plan to visit Central Asia cause I’ve never been there despite that I was born in that region.

In the evening was my usual stroll to bars.

This day I was lucky. I found two good places.

In the first one I was drinking 1 euro mulled wine. I’ve consumed 3 glasses. It was awesome. Definitely wanna come back again.

Also I noticed in the bars children trying to sell flowers. Something similar I’ve seen in Cambodia. That was funny case. The kid was selling books from the hands. When I said that I don’t need he took out a bag of weed and offered me to buy. Yeah, that’s Cambodia.

In the next bar guy prepared White Russian with “De Kuyper” coffee liquor.

Cocktail was pretty good, price was around 2 euro.

Bar was good, I wanna come here again.


In general I wanted to go to Vienna from Zurich. Despite the fact that there is a border between Austria and Switzerland there is no chance to go to Vienna from Zurich, I had to change a bus in Munich.

Well, if I anyway have to make a change in Munich, at the same time I decided to see the Munich.

First I was looking for host there couple of days. It turned to be useless, because now there is a big festival Oktoberfest there and as a result there is the a pilgrimage of tourists from all over Europe. The host searching has to be dealt a few month in advance.

Then I decided just to go there in the morning and leave in the evening.

On a walking street in Munich I’ve seen the coolest animated sculpture of its kind. The dude didn’t move at all and the suit was not for 5 cents.

all the badges of Third Raich were sticked up in the storefront of curiosity shop

One more storefront – sado-maso-Barbie

There is possible to see a fast, clean river by walking distance from the center

The Octoberfest itself represents a huge number of people in suits gathered in amusement park. They set up tents and sell a lot of beer there during the fest

It looks nice no doubt

I found a monument to some german during the night stroll. The monument was made a place of memory of the idol by Michael Jackson’s fans.

There is the same crane lake in Zurich

Also there are lots of trishaws driving tourists to their hotels. Two tourists got off in my presence. They paid 25 euro. Apparently drivers make tons of money here these days.

On a bus station, next to the my departure platform volunteers arranged a station for helping refugees. There are soup, sweets, fruits, medicines and other stuff. Well done, Europeans.


Пока ехал в Цюрих из Страсбурга, на заправке заметил, что их ассортимент от нашего сильно отличается. Тут и 95Супер и 102.

Хост в Цюрихе живет на окраине, а точнее это даже другой соседний город. Билеты на электричку жутко дорогие, решил идти пешком. В итоге, конечно, заебался, но дошел за 2 часа.

Самое сложное было, конечно, подъем в гору с двумя рюкзаками.

Швейцарцы большие любители ретро машин

И еще я тут впервые встретил за рулем очень пожилых людей. Бабушка лет 70-80, медленно рулила мерседесом. Да, швейцарцы очень богаты, это сразу бросается в глаза.

У швейцарцев интересное обозначение своей страны буквами СН, которых нет в названии страны.

Позже ребята рассказали, что это расшифровывается как “Конфедерация Гельветика” – латинское название швейцарии.

На подходе к городку

В доме хоста живет 8 молодых людей, снимают вместе огромных 3-этажный особняк, когда то принадлежавший начальнику тюрьмы. Сама тюрьма находится неподалеку.

Дом упакован по полной программе. Есть даже барабанная установка в подвале. Да, я уже упоминал, что швейцарцы очень богаты.



Дали покатать велосипед. Поехал смотреть сам Цюрих

Привал около озера

Фуникулер едет через здание

На поворотах установлены зеркала для обзора

Какой то велосипедист попал в аварию. Скорая помощь очень современная, интересно было посмотреть как они работают.

Главное здание университета, повсюду на этажах расставлены столики, много студентов. Хорошая атмосфера.

Перед входом в аудитории есть шкафчики, куда можно положить вещи. Так что если вы в Цюрихе не один день и ищите место где кинуть рюкзак, то можете прийти сюда и оставить. Но нужен замочек.

В университет, кстати, в отличии от всех наших, вход абсолютно свободен. Никто никакие студаки не проверяет. Можно заходить на лекции, никто ничего не скажет.

Цюрих красивый городок

Кран поставили на опоры по обочинам дороги. И дело свое делает, и проезду не мешает.

Здание оперы один в один как наше Львовское. Походу архитектор один и тот же

Район красных фонарей, по сравнению с Гамбургским реппербаном, ниочень

Вечером появился сам хост. Кристос, 23 года. Закончил универ по материаловедению, сейчас работает в какой то фирме. Планирует зимой пару месяцев попутешествовать и со следующего года поступить в магистратуру. Хороший, интеллигентный человек.

В Цюрихе невероятно популярна тайская кухня. Как у нас суши на каждом шагу.

Дом хоста снаружи

Перед моим отъездом ребята устроили пати. Пригласили друзей, приготовили ужин, распили вина.

Было человек 15, но по рассказам, вечеринки в этом доме вмещали более 100 человек

Ужин был в мароканском стиле

Под конец дело дошло до лимончело и гитары

Перед уходом сфотал пару деталей дома

Ручки на окнах у них вот такого плана, вертикальные

А включатели представляют собой кнопки

Снова ранний автобус на Мюнхен. Сел на электричку до вокзала. Билет стоит 6 евро. Как и в Брюсселе, контролеров не попалось, можно бы было проехать зайцем.