Surfers, end of February, early March

It’s been a while since my last post. My life became pretty steady, nothing really spectacular is going on around. Last week I came to Thai boxing classes, this week I conclude to give it up cause they didn’t really match me.

Now I just run every night usually at 6pm.

I also had few nice surfers coming to my house recently.

Kevin and his girlfriend. Guys from North America. They were at their trip around Vietnam. Stayed over just for one night here. They also came to my CS meeting which I organize every Wednesday.

Hillary and Courtney from US. They were at their Asian trip together. They have been travelling for a 5 month already and in March they coming back home.

And the last guy was from France. He was volunteering in north Vietnam as french teacher for 2 month, had flight from there to Nha Trang and today he went to Saigon for another volunteer job.

That’s pretty much it. In March I expect a girl from Finland on 8-10 and a girl from Russian on 18-22. And now I’m gonna go for my jogging. Up to next time.

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