Hamza from Saigon

The other day a guy from Saigon visited my place by couchsurfing. He was originally from Pushtu region of Pakistan but from now on he lives in Saigon here. He got a teaching English job there and enjoying his life in tropical country.

He was actually one of the most fascinating personalities I’ve ever met in my life. And I spent belly good time with him.

He was my ages, he lives in the same country and we got lots of common interests.

First day, yesterday, we enjoying night life in Nha Trang. Drinking beer, visiting my favourite hostel’s party on the rooftop there, smoking shisha, drinking againg and ending up in “Why not” and “Sailing” clubs here.

Today we had some cultural program. We visited Stone Garden and Po Nagar. After that we went to the North Market to take a look. This is a picture from there, Hamza was bargaining long time in order to knock off the price for this tee to 40 dongs.

Have a good trip, mate. See you in Saigon or welcome to Nha Trang once again!

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