Renting apartment in Turkey

I’m tired of hostels. I haven’t been living in normal apartment since April. And yesterday I decided to rent some flat in Turkey. I know only one option for searching flats, that is Airbnb. Last night I looked a little and finally found pretty small flat in Kusadasi, Turkish Aegean town, 70K population.

Here is airbnb link I’ll live there since November, 10 till December, 10. On the pictures it looks pretty cozy and moden.

Price for 1 month is 300 dollars plus some fees, eventually I spent 357. If only Russian currency wasn’t so cheap.

I think is a good deal. I should get some rest.

The weather there is gonna be perfect, it’s around +20 in the daytime. So, we’ll see.


PS I’ll open a spot on Couchserfing. And if you want to visit me you are welcome. There will be additional sleeping places on the sofa and as per airbnb page there is a air mattress.  Contact me on the facebook or this is my CS account

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