October 21, 2015. Same old, same old.

In the morning I noticed some accident with sewerage next to my house. The weather is sunny but it’s quite cold already.

After gym I went home other road and found a big supermarket. But it was quite expensive and I haven’t found my favourite cottage cheese which now I buy pretty far from my house. The supermarket turned out to be needless.

One more good picture en road from gym.

Elevator. At the store after gym I often buy something to drink en route home. Today was Serbian yoghurt.

After gym and breakfast I had a Skype English class and then I went to caffe to write daily post to my blog.

I went to one caffe I’ve been already. Coffee here costs only 50 euro-cents but last time it was full of smoke here and I’ve gone after finishing my espresso. This time I realised that it’s possible to sit down next to the door and open it slightly. In that case smoke is being felt not so hard.

In the evening after a couple of cans of beer I went to couchserfing meeting. It is in the bar next to my house.

The meeting itself was too cheerless and I decided to leave.

The only one good thing was here. It’s traditional Serbian snacks for free. Organizers of meeting arranged it. ¬†It was awesome.

Then I was walking a little bit.

Came to the store.

And bought my favourite Serbian apples. They cost only 50 cents but they are very good.

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