October 20, 2015. Good coffee house, beer and walk to the center.

This day weather wasn’t so bad. There was no rain but it’s already getting cold here now.

Finally I come to this coffee house. I was here a couple of days ago but it was crowded, full of people. This time it was almost empty. Coffee there costs 150 (usual price is 110) but this place is better then others.

There were jars with different cosmetics stuff in the bathroom, right over the toilet. It’s possible to take something for free. There were some napkins, deodorant and something else.

Belgrade is very beautiful. I’m continuing  to take pictures of the places I’ve liked. All of the pictures I put here in my blog.

There was beer with peanuts in the evening. Beer is not bad. Actually I’m not a big fan of beer, but sometimes I want to get a bun on it.

After beer I had a night stroll.

Came to one of my favourite bars, had a glass of mulled wine. It’s tasty here.

I’ve even reached the Republic square.

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