First day in Belgrade

Hostel turned out nothing special. They had a discount on and I decided to book a bed in dorm for one night just in order to see what’s going on there and may be to stay longer after that.

When I came receptionist has slept yet. I woke him up and he said me wifi password, I hung around the lobby sitting on the internet.

Then I made my everyday an hour jogging and got back to the hostel.

When they’ve said that this price 5 euro doesn’t include free towel and using a kitchen I changed my mind to stay here. I booked another hostel through hostelworld and today I’ll see how it is there.

This day I’ve also visited Kalenic market in Belgrade. It’s possible to find 15 cents apples, 60 cents peaches and pears here. Amazing. I definitely want to come here back. I forgot about national Serbian cheese Brinza, without fail I’ll buy it later cause I like this type of cheese.

Serbians use their own currency which is 120 dinars for 1 euro. But the prices for real estate are in euro. It was in Kazakhstan and Russia in 90s when we used our currencies only for cheap purchasing and for something expensive prices were in US dollars.

Also they have two types of alphabet: latin and cyrillic. Both are official as you can see on this signboard with the name of the street.

In the evening I went to weekly couchserfing meeting

There were about 20 people. It was pretty good, we talked about history a lot.

I was drinking Serbian vodka with different flavours. And the olives are as a chaser. Frankly, Serbian Rakia as much as Hungarian Palinka are awful drinks. I drunk Hungarian stuff cause it was for free, everybody likes free rides. And yesterday I just wanted to try Serbian stuff and compare it to Hungarian and I ordered even 3 shots. It turned out that this stuff is awful as well.

But actually I liked event and Belgrade. Will see what happens next.

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