Budapest, 4th and 5th days

The fourth day was memorable by a boat trip

It is possible to buy only one ticket for any kind of transport here. Including boat. My student ticket for month cost $11, I have ISIC student card.

Also I noticed a strange signboard with pregnant woman in underground.

In the evening we were at the party again. But I didn’t drink because of awful hangover from yesterday.

On the fifth day morning we went to the adventure game. We were looking for a place on map. There were hidden boxes with different trinkets. You can put something inside and take something instead.

Our team

Something was found

Lunch break

Pleasant outlook over city

Tired at the end

Then we invited a friend of Jeff to us. We wanted to cook chicken soup but didn’t have time and cooked scratch supper.

Then was a party at hostel again. We was drinking a lot of Hungarian vodka.

Drunk at the subway

First time I’ve been at karaoke.

Then there was a party somewhere else

Then we met some Ukrainian guy on the way home