Budapest, 2nd day

Lots of things going on in Budapest. We had a bally good time. Therefore I decided to write about each day.

There is a good market next to our house in Budapest


A walk towards the park

Water from mineral spring

A subway line with cute cars

Budapest is incredible beautiful

A view overlooking the city

Night is drawing near

A railing at the bus stop

Coffee with bagel overlooking the cathedral

Wine tasting at friends of Jeff. The girl is very hot.

Then was another party at another friends of Jeff. We’ve bought a bottle of wine. I was drunk enough and stole a bar of chocolate. I’ll have to pay for that today.

At this party I liked the girl on the left above all

I’ve tried wine-coce mix. Rather well, especially after a sufficient amount of alcohol consumed

Going to the club

Party party

We came home at 3am. Level of rave mood is increasing. The day before it was only at 12am.