Attrectiveness indicators

Once my English tutor told me that there is an indicator whether girl likes you or not afterr you meet her the first time.

If she writes you first then she is. If she doesn’t then not.

Later I came across with one more indicator. If you invite her on a date and she just declines it then she deffinetely doesn’t like you. And she doesn’t wanna meet you. But If she declines and propose you other day of the date there is a chance.


Вспомнил сейчас одну отличительную особенность русского языка в Казахстане.

В казахском языке есть слово Апа – старшая сестра.

И длинное, не созвучное первому слово қарындас – младшая сестра.

Так вот, казахи, в русском языке таким же образом называют старшую сестру сестрой, а младшую словом сестрёнка.

Например: “у меня есть две сестры и одна сестрёнка”.

В России же скажут “у меня есть три сестры. две старших и одна младшая”.

Loosing interest

Unfortunately I’ve never had any relationship in my life. The most likely reason is loosing interest of the persone after some time.

The first stage is frequently normal. You have some common subjects to talk about.

Second is when you trying hard to find subjects to talk about.

Therd is when you got gaps in conversation cause you don’t have things to talk about.

And finally fourth is when you don’t talk to her anymore.

Lots of guys are not chumps like me. They had enought time to have sex with the girl at first and second stage. But I’m not so fast and often I brake up with the girl at the final stage. When even sex with that girl are not interested for me.

Off the market girls

Just had a skype call with an old friend of mine. He is very clever man by the way, studied in the best math and economic colleges in the country. And he told me that most of the good girls our age are taken by someone already.

Cause there is no reason of being free for the young clever, beautiful, educated, interesting girl from the good family.

And I’ve agreed with him totaly.

To my opinion the best way to find a good girl is looking for someone who has a boyfriend. Especialy prolonged relationships, but with no kids. There is a good chance to find a really good one.

Taking Brintellix. Second week

Being going on taking antidepressant Brintellix for two weeks already. I decided to write this part in English cause it’s quite boring to read continuing posts about my medicines. Just in order to add some variety to this narrative.

So, Last time I wrote that my doctor said me to take that Brintellix for a week and a week after to visit her again to chech my condition. Last Friday she extended it for one more month. I had thought that I start taking antipsychotic Depakin when I visited her. I even nad bought it, actually. But the doctor said I gotta wait for another week. Im gonna start taking it tomorrow. One pill before sleep every day for 4 days, then two pills for 4 days then taking three pills each day.

Next visit to the doctor on February, 22.

About my condition: it feels better. I wrote last time that Brintellix helps me feeling good, but yesterday for instance I was in the restaurant where I ate too much meat for dinner. I felt badly whole night and today my head was slightly in pain all day. I concluded that depressive symptoms increased when you got another problem with your health. And it’s better to be healthy during this time.