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Я тут недавно снова начал сидеть в Тиндере и Баду

  • Баду афигенен тем, что есть функция онлайн/оффлайн. Заходишь, и пишешь тем кто онлайн. Удобно.
  • У тиндера такой функции нет, отстойно.
  • вообще перестал что либо спрашивать в чате. “-Привет. Пойдем гулять!?”
  • интересно, что делают девушки, когда хотят сходить на свиданку. Парням же просто, заходишь, зовешь. А девушкам же надо сидеть ждать пока их кто то позовет. А если хочется вот прямо сегодня, свободный вечер, а на сегодня никаких вариантов нету….

My expenses Dec,3 2016 – Dec,3 2017

Last year I started to check all my expenses on the special application in iPhone.

Here we go. All my expenses for a year. 1 dollar = around 60 roubles.

I inscribe here everything at all. Even if I just bought pack of napkins for 5 roubles.

I spent 202 thousands for renting my apartment in Novosibirsk. I was paying 17,500 until July then moved to another apartment for 2 month. I was paying 17,000 there and lived only 2 months. Then I moved to apartment of friend of my friend and now I pay 15,000.

108 thousands I spent for food. It doesn’t include snacks, fast-food and restaurants. Only food from grocery stores.

I gave 91 thousands to my friends and relatives. It includes presents and just money I sent or gave them.

66 thousands I spent for alcohol))

39 thousands for cafe and restaurants

Transport (24 grounds) includes public transport, bus tickets (one trip to mountains nearby) and flights (one trip to Moscow).

Entertainments (23,299) – are  movies, theatres, water park, trampolines, purchasing a bike and so on.

Quite a lot of money I’ve spent for coffee because I love it.

22 thousands I paid to my psychiatrist and did one operation of removing lipomas on my arm.

I spent 19,777 for brintellix, depakine, vitamins and other medicines.

14, 177 for new clothes and hairdresser.

12 grounds for fitness club and swimming pool.

5.7 thousands for cellphone and internet. It’s cheap here.

Utility bills are only 2.4 thousands. But It’s quite new category. About half of the year I inscribe all these expenses to “Rent apartment” category. Anyways, utility bills are extremely cheap here in Russia. This category includes payments for water and electricity.

Altogether I spent 718 679 roubles. This is 60 thousands a month. 1 000$ a month.


My ways of stydying English

There are 2 ways of it for me. In order of usefulness

  1. Speaking
  2. Rest

The rest includes

  • reading books
  • tv series
  • learning phrases

Learning phrases

I’ve got a sheet in Google Docs.

This one

There are 3 columns: first for the English phrase and third for the Russian translation

And central column I use for both when I hide first or third. That’s how I memorise it.

I often used that in 2015: more than 2,000 phrases. Only 314 in 2016 and 113 in 2017.


This summer I was trying to use it for Hebrew.

One more column for pronunciation, cause it’s quite hard to read that.


And I’ve got around two hundred slang phrases into it.


Returned to normal

Nine days ago I was writing a post about hypomania, I felt that it’s comming. After that I was taking 5-7 pills of Valproate each days and was feeling myself strangely.

After some days my hypomania simptomes disappeared and I was feeling depressed simptomes for some days. I was even taking Brintellix two times. I decided to see my psychiatrist.

Today she said that It was complete hypomania episode. And I was acting quite right. The mistake was only that I reduced and increased the dose of mecine too fast. If I want to increase or reduce the dose I should do it for only 1 pill during 2 days.

And also we compiled a plan:

there we go



It’s hypomania again. Taking Valproate makes me feel differently then I felt before.

As my psychoatrist said I have to take around 5-7 pills each hypomania day. I started with 7 and was sleeping a lot during these first days. I reduced the dose today cause I feel it’s too many.

For me it’s the first year I control my cycles, this is new experience for me. Interesting actually. You can choose how you wanna feel your unquiet mind today.