CouchSurfing event

There was an event yesterday with the guys, who I saw in the Banya. Novosibirsk CS community.

These guys here are mostly Germans working in the consulate and teaching German.

We went outside the city for picnic. Also there was a birthday of Benji, a guy from US (with the cake on the picture).

Bania meeting

The other day I visited Couchsurfing meeting in Akademgorodok. Akademgorodok is the neightborhood of Novosibirsk, campus of local university. There is about 30 minutes drive from the city.

The meeting was awesome. There were around 20 people: one British guy, couple Americans, bunch of German girls and Russians the rest.

Attrectiveness indicators

Once my English tutor told me that there is an indicator whether girl likes you or not afterr you meet her the first time.

If she writes you first then she is. If she doesn’t then not.

Later I came across with one more indicator. If you invite her on a date and she just declines it then she deffinetely doesn’t like you. And she doesn’t wanna meet you. But If she declines and propose you other day of the date there is a chance.


Вспомнил сейчас одну отличительную особенность русского языка в Казахстане.

В казахском языке есть слово Апа – старшая сестра.

И длинное, не созвучное первому слово қарындас – младшая сестра.

Так вот, казахи, в русском языке таким же образом называют старшую сестру сестрой, а младшую словом сестрёнка.

Например: “у меня есть две сестры и одна сестрёнка”.

В России же скажут “у меня есть три сестры. две старших и одна младшая”.